Student Testimonials

“I really enjoyed going to the conference. It was beneficial to be surrounded by students who enjoyed and valued their experiences abroad. It was cool to learn about what people wanted to do now that they are back and how abroad changed their plans. I learned how to market myself in the business world by leveraging my study abroad experience. Being abroad, I proved I thrive on a challenge and can easily adapt. I found ways to turn my stories into skills for an employer. My favorite part of the conference was going to a session about work, volunteering, and teaching abroad. This has been on my mind and I was able to get a look at the challenges and advantages of each option. I was also surrounded by programs and providers that offer these experiences. I was surprised by how far people came to go to this conference. Students from all around the Northeast came and it was so accessible to us being right in Boston. It made me feel even more grateful for being able to go.”

– Jessamine Von Arx (Babson College; attended LFA New England 2018)


“I did enjoy having the opportunity to attend the Lesson From Abroad conference. It was a very casual and also exciting event that gave us the opportunity to meet with other students who have been abroad! My favorite part of the conference was the mock interview sessions. I was able to practice my interviewing skills and learn how to leverage my abroad experiences. This was something I wanted to receive critique on but never had the chance to until then. I was also surprised by the number of programs that offered teaching positions abroad after graduation and even graduate programs.

– Austin Yang (Babson College; attended LFA New England 2018)


arch in ireland.jpg
LFA opened the international education/higher education field up for me, as I had never thought to pursue any career path in student services. I knew I wanted to help people grow and prosper, but I wasn’t interested in teaching. I knew this field would be perfect for me because it is interpersonal and connects with my interest in human culture and diversity… Attending the LFA Returnee Conference made me think about my experience in a quantitative way, which is difficult because there are so many emotions tied to an experience abroad. Even though study abroad is this wonderful experience, you need to be able to articulate the benefits in a graduate school essay or in front of an employer. This was the most important takeaway from the conference for me.” Full blog post here.

– Rose Malone (Program Assistant, Education Abroad Office at University of Maryland; graduate of University of Maryland; attended LFA Greater DC Area 2015 and 2016)