Pay It Forward

More and more companies and organizations are using your purchasing power to make a positive impact abroad:

141 Eyewear For every 141 Eyewear purchase, they give a new pair of prescription glasses to a person in need.

31 Bits Uses fashion and design to empower people to rise above poverty

541 Threads For every shirt purchased, 5 meals are provided to the hungry in America.

Acumen Raises charitable donations to invest in companies, leaders, and ideas that are changing the way the world tackles poverty

Ark Collective When you buy a backpack, Ark Collective gives a backpack to a US student in need.

B1G1 B1G1 (buy one give one) is an online hub for transaction-based giving that empowers companies to offer buy one give one programs. Businesses can choose what kind of cause they’d like to support from a vast range of charitable options. Every time a transaction takes place, companies and the consumer can give back and make a difference.

Baby Teresa For every baby clothing item purchased, a baby clothing item is donated. Portions of proceeds on sale of accessories go towards providing formula for babies in need.

Blanket America For every blanket or home goods item sold, a product donation is made. Most donations are within the USA, but the company has also donated to disaster relief efforts around the world.

Bogobrush Sleek bamboo toothbrushes. For each toothbrush purchased, one is donated to someone lacking access to proper dental care.

The Company Store For every comforter purchased, a comforter is donated to a homeless child.

Ecojot Your purchase of sustainably-produced stationary products contributes to the donation of workbooks and pens to schoolchildren in need.

Everything Happy Sells children’s blankets and stuffed animals and gives one item to children for every item purchased.

Faucet Face Purchase nifty glass water bottles, and for every five bottles the company sells it produces one Bio-sand filter to help eliminate the risk of waterborne illness.

Feed Each item available for purchase benefits children around the world by donating towards various nutrition-related causes

FIGS For every pair of scrubs purchased, FIGS donates scrubs to healthcare providers in need

Flying Flips Designer flip-flops. Buy a pair, and Flying Flips donates a pair to someone in need

Hand in Hand Soap Fair trade soaps. For every bar purchased, the company donates one bar of soap and one month of clean water

Indego Africa Empowers and uplifts artisan women in Africa through employment opportunities and education

Kammok (Hammocks) For every Roo Hammock purchased, Kammo provides life-saving malaria treatments to 5 children in Africa through their partnership with Malaria No More!

Kiva Help fund a loan with as little as $25

Krama Wheel The krama wheel collection is for wanderers and wonderers who take on each day with style and purpose. For those who embrace opportunities to have an impact wherever they go, both near and far.  Purchasing one of their products supports the local artists and provides a child in Cambodia with a uniform so they are able to go to school

Krochet Kids Works with highly vulnerable women who live in poverty stricken regions of the world, empowering them with the resources to rise above poverty

Kutoa Purchase food items (non-GMO and crafted in small batches) and Kutoa provides nutrition to those in need, both in the U.S. and in developing countries

Lily House Boutique Goods produced by women who have left prostitution or abusive situations in the Dominican Republic

ME to WE is an innovative social enterprise that provides products that make an impact, empowering people to change the world with their everyday consumer choices.

Miir Uses products to fund trackable giving projects

Mitscoots Socks made entirely in the USA. The organization employs individuals who are coming out of homelessness, and for every pair of socks purchased, a pair of socks is donated

OAK For every purchase, a backpack is donated to support education for homeless and at-risk youth in the U.S. and Rwanda

One Million Lights Purchase a solar rechargeable lantern and One Million Lights donates a lantern to families in need

One World Futbol Project Ultra-durable soccer balls that don’t go flat. For every ball purchased, a ball is donated to children in refugee camps, war zones, or impoverished areas

One World Play Project Gives thousands of One World Futbols every month as well as play resources to organizations working with youth in disadvantaged communities worldwide

Out of Print Clothing Literature-inspired fashion and accessories. For each product sold, one book is donated to a community in need through the Books For Africa partner program

Pacha Soap For every bar purchased online, one will be given to someone in need in around the globe

Panda Sunglasses Every pair purchased gives sight to someone in need through prescription glasses and medical treatment

Pencils of Promise A global community that believes everyone deserves access to quality education

People Water For every water bottle purchased, an equal amount of clean water is donated to a person in need

Project 7 Support many causes through your purchases, including providing medical treatment for those suffering from malaria, planting fruit trees, providing for the necessities of orphans, supporting meals in American communities, providing clean water, supporting schooling for children in Africa, and providing counseling for children of war

Roma Boots For every pair of rain boots sold, Roma Boots donates a brand new pair to a child in need

Rootz A collection of “buy one, give one” items from various companies

Sir Richard’s Condom Company For every condom you purchase, Sir Richard’s contributes one to a developing country

Skyline Socks For each pair of socks purchased, a pair is donated through a non-profit organization in the USA

Smile Squared For every toothbrush you buy, one is donated to a child in need

Soapbox Soaps For every bar of soap purchased, a bar of soap, clean water, or vitamin supplements are donated to a child in need

Spoke Woven People believing in the power of honing in on a craft and bringing reality to vision through collaboration with others.

State Bags For every bag purchased, STATE hand-delivers a backpack – packed with essential tools for success – to an American child in need

Stone and Cloth Trendy and sturdy bags. Each bag purchased contributes to scholarships for students in need

The Smiley T-Shirt Buy a smiley t-shirt to help fund scholarships for high school study abroad and work-study stipends for college students

The Water Project Provides a reliable and safe water sources in Kenya, Uganda and Sierra Leone

TOMS Distributes shoes, vision treatment, and clean water to countries in need

Twice as Warm Cold-weather clothing. Each purchase is matched with a donation of a new clothing item to a person in need

Two Degrees Bars For each health food bar purchased, a meal is donated for a child in need through non-
profit organizations around the world

Unlock Hope Provides girls in Uganda access to food, shelter, tuition and more through sales of their products

Vision Spring For every $5 donated, VisionSpring provides someone in the developing world with access to glasses

Warby Parker For each pair of glasses purchased, a pair is distributed to someone in need

Water is Life Provides clean water, sanitation and hygiene solutions to thousands who are in desperate need

We Wood Watches For each watch purchased, a tree is planted in deforested and devastated areas

Women At Risk International Goods produced by women who have left prostitution (mostly in Asian countries)

Wonderbag Portable Slow Cooker For every Wonderbag purchased in the USA, one is donated to a family in Africa

You and Who Buy designer t-shirts, and for every shirt sold, the same shirt is donated to someone in need


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