Unpack Your Experience

There are some great resources online you can use to start “unpacking” your overseas experience. Here are some of our favorites:

The Center for Global Education’s Global Scholar Program

Life After Study Abroad

The Listening Project

Longing to Travel’s #ProfDevAbroad workbook


Native Foreigner Magazine

Re-Entry 101 video

Re-thinking Reentry

Rocky Re-Entry

Small Planet Studio’s Re-Entry Relaunch Road Map workbook

Study Abroad Spotlight

Study Abroad Spotlight

University of the Pacific: What’s Up With Culture?

Upgraded Points (“UP”) was launched with the mission to show travelers and those hoping to travel, the real value of points and miles. UP works to achieve this goal by publishing highly researched, in-depth, and intuitive content that aims to give our readers everything they’re looking for and more.

In addition, below are some easy ways to stay connected to your time abroad and honor the experiences you had:

What ways are you staying connected to your experience?

  • Talk to younger siblings and your family members about your time abroad
  • Vote
  • Attend the annual NAFSA Advocacy Day in Washington DC
  • Stay in touch with domestic friends from program
  • Stay in touch with international friends and your host family from your study abroad program
  • Read the online newspaper from your study abroad location. See how your study abroad location is portrayed in the media and help to adjust the US perception if it is not correct
  • Blog or keep a journal about your returnee experience
  • Go to international events on your campus and in the surrounding community. Check out the local resources pages for your LFA regional conference for more details
  • Volunteer in your study abroad office
  • Find language partners to keep using your language skills
  • Continue taking a language on your campus. If not offered at your campus, look at Adult/Continuing Ed classes in your town
  • Check out service programs like AmeriCorps, the Peace Corps and SeniorCorps
  • Get your ESL certificate and teach English domestically or abroad
  • Start a study abroad club on your campus
  • Make an effort to become friends with the international students on your campus. They are studying abroad in the US and you have an opportunity to have a positive impact on their time here
  • Host an internationally-focused event (consider inviting international students to join the event)
  • Talk to your local Chamber of Commerce about internationally-themed events they know of in your community and companies from abroad based nearby
  • Start a meetup group
  • Consider grad school abroad
  • Cook a meal from your time abroad for family and friends
  • Seek out organizations in your city who work with refugees and see how you can help
  • Support local (international) businesses
  • Research Fulbright and other funded fellowship opportunities abroad
  • See if your local library needs volunteers for translator services
  • Want a family? Ensure your children learn a second or third language. Take them to culturally-diverse events. Show them movies from outside the US pop-culture realm
  • Shop Smart: It’s important to be a conscientious consumer. Look at where your clothes or food are made and consider adjusting your buying habits if you don’t like what you see
  • Write a book or screenplay about your experience
  • Start your own company with a pay-it-forward mission (Pacha Soap, TOMS, Warby Parker are all examples)
  • Find a way to take your hobbies and passions and give them an international focus
  • Recommend your favorite restaurants, cities, and places from your time abroad on Rayka, a study abroad app designed by a study abroad alum, to help future students abroad

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